[self-doubt] > Are There Any Coders With Mental Health In Here?

I’m new here! i’m Jay, im going to become a web developer no matter how long it takes! In january i had a block with a tiny bit of code at the end of my first website i was making with a bit of php i needed to add but i hadnt learnt that yet. That was my first experience with getting stuck and i wasnt expectiing it lol.

Ive took up coding about 12 months ago after i lost my job 5 years ago through an operation i had on my hand. I was expected back to work about 6 weeks later but my hand got infected and got made redundant because they wouldnt let me back because of health and safety lol there Health & Safety got me into this situation lol.

My mental health went down hill with depression of losing the only job i ever loved (Fencing) and thought id never get a job i love again but ive found it in learning to code. I have emotional unstable personality disorder and had a turn around when i found out about code from someone on twitter.

So i stopped going out drinking and haven’t drunk any alcohol in almost a year since. and stopped cut out the weed too. I found out about code and knew i had to stop something that could stop me learning it, So i proved i gave up drink i knew i could learn to code.

i’m a whole new man since ive found about what code was. ive never been so focused about anything in my life. So i did some research and brought a mac book pro because i read it was a “web developers dream” so if i was going to do this i knew i had to find a way of getting it. now i study as much as i can fit in around my girl & 2 kids.

But basically i want to know if there is any other coders that deal with some form of mental health? i know the subject doesn’t get brought up much but.

i really dont want to take pills my whole life just because they say theyll help. i know i dont want or need them but i am into a really good sleep pattern at the moment which really helps with my head only sleep that i struggle with that some of them help with.

Coding is my only way out of making us have a life that we deserve. So thats why i know i want to do this.

maybe ive wrote to much but so much stuff comes out lol

Well hello everyone

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Yes. I, and a number of other programmers I know deal with mental illness. I’m glad to hear that enjoying learning to code has helped you with your depression. Perhaps your mental health struggles are circumstantial and you won’t always require medication. Some health conditions are temporary - some are not.


yeh , its due to upbringing mainly but need to learn to forget the past and move on. Coding has gave me that new path in life.