Loading Nix Environment does not stop loading

@sanity I am trying to run the Demographic analyzer program from Data analysis with python. I am able to import the GitHub module but even if I run the default code without any changes it just shows “Loading Nix Environment…”. I saw the solution you gave to another user to run the setup manually. But can you please explain it one more time cause I am a beginner?

Which part is giving you troubles?

Move files from cloned directory to the root folder

git clone creates new folder, with the files from repository. To make replit run project, without creating additional configuration, these files need to be taken out of the folder. That can be done manually, file-by-file, or using the command which will move all files.

Thank you. I have one last doubt I know this is silly but can you tell which root directory here in the below picture?

Files that are visible on the left in the tab, are in the root directory. They are not in any sub-folder. Ie. files in the venv folder are not in the root folder, but in the venv sub-folder.

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