Nix Error in every replit project

Hi! I need some help with this.
In every project that I try to run, I have this messenge in replit console.

I wrote the code in VSC on my desktop and run perfectly. But I can´t test my solution in the platform before upload it.
Please, help.

You’ll need to supply a link to a malfunction repl then so we can reproduce and debug the problem. It’s likely a bad repl; if so it’s fixable by re-cloning the boiler plate and copying your code.

Finally, error messages in code blocks are preferable to screenshots. Text is generally searchable while images are not.

Hi jeremy,
thanks for your answer.

Here is the link:

And here is the error code:

nix error: building nix env: exit status 1
Output has been trimmed to the last 20 lines
instantiated 'mpc-1.2.1.tar.gz' -> '/nix/store/fz2nx2cf1cyjr52qdmrv3vlp1jv5fqmj-mpc-1.2.1.tar.gz.drv'
instantiated 'libmpc-1.2.1' -> '/nix/store/jsqw0gw4v98115hvyamwvwflq47idggp-libmpc-1.2.1.drv'
instantiated 'isl-0.20.tar.xz' -> '/nix/store/q19v727xpfyva4q9cbpc9z7d0yfk0mxk-isl-0.20.tar.xz.drv'
instantiated 'isl-0.20' -> '/nix/store/4llwzr9w9pg783z825xjg1jfh8lr0mkw-isl-0.20.drv'
copied source '/nix/store/x8dbrija74rnw16hrbw5r5apx9k81giz-nixpkgs-21.11-src/pkgs/development/compilers/gcc/9/avoid-cycling-subreg-reloads.patch' -> '/nix/store/lgryzhv5kc1wz440k8w6dahay7qz306b-avoid-cycling-subreg-reloads.patch'
copied source '/nix/store/x8dbrija74rnw16hrbw5r5apx9k81giz-nixpkgs-21.11-src/pkgs/development/compilers/gcc/gfortran-driving.patch' -> '/nix/store/2im72lrcgrfzkprjc5bf0vw5dsgklhvl-gfortran-driving.patch'
copied source '/nix/store/x8dbrija74rnw16hrbw5r5apx9k81giz-nixpkgs-21.11-src/pkgs/development/compilers/gcc/libsanitizer-no-cyclades-9.patch' -> '/nix/store/bqdcpm73hcngcsk8081ray23fznlah0h-libsanitizer-no-cyclades-9.patch'
instantiated 'gcc-9.3.0.tar.xz' -> '/nix/store/8v90b9q3i2w172z2gvdf94i6ffa7lpbx-gcc-9.3.0.tar.xz.drv'
instantiated 'gfortran-9.3.0' -> '/nix/store/nqk9vqhfwmw3lch59nn8kzywy9k5xpa0-gfortran-9.3.0.drv'
instantiated 'expand-response-params' -> '/nix/store/kfifmr52c4mhdiy87l6jj1jz9awjrfwl-expand-response-params.drv'
copied source '/nix/store/x8dbrija74rnw16hrbw5r5apx9k81giz-nixpkgs-21.11-src/pkgs/build-support/cc-wrapper/' -> '/nix/store/'
instantiated 'gfortran-wrapper-9.3.0' -> '/nix/store/axdnyszsynxpcak0x0m2p4anrpqhd0qj-gfortran-wrapper-9.3.0.drv'
instantiated 'fftw-3.3.9.tar.gz' -> '/nix/store/nya6c66bcacm82wghiknrcxj6l4a1qsm-fftw-3.3.9.tar.gz.drv'
instantiated 'fftw-double-3.3.9' -> '/nix/store/naq49dmz4kh20fq05zy5wn2cpfwfz69l-fftw-double-3.3.9.drv'
instantiated 'source' -> '/nix/store/ian1gjb5gk213fzrndhgghzw1zr58k8y-source.drv'
instantiated 'imagemagick-6.9.12-26' -> '/nix/store/4ybnh0rna2kiflx6j211pjc7rwn8p9hb-imagemagick-6.9.12-26.drv'
evaluating file '/nix/store/x8dbrija74rnw16hrbw5r5apx9k81giz-nixpkgs-21.11-src/pkgs/development/interpreters/python/cpython/2.7/default.nix'
error: attribute 'exe' missing, at /home/runner/boilerplate-demographic-data-analyzer/replit.nix:5:5
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

The first two projects of the curse, I send with this condition. But, to the rest, I would like to solve the platform use.
Thank you.

Your link did not post.

Welcome there :wave:

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The link is there now. As I said earlier, it’s a bad repl. I just cloned the boilerplate anew and copied your code over and the tests ran fine.

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