Local businesses are not interested on websites!

I was asking around the local business and they do not seem to be interested in investing for a website. At first I thought i was doing something wrong but i met up with some other developers with even a cs degree here, and they explained that (its a long story related to some business practices, policies and laws) in my city (and possible outside my city) websites are not “that much” profitable for business owners to feel interested “yet” but the developers also assured that things will change in the future for sure just not confirmed when. (Those developers are working in industries outside web development in case you are wondering because they felt that is better for themselves). This was pretty discouraging for me…So in case I have learnt web development pretty well and other things like internet marketing to help my clients, but by then my cities business situation do not improve will i be able to work for people outside of my city or country?

I would look online for work and potential projects. Limiting yourself to local businesses is very limited, when you could go find businesses that are looking for you on freelance websites. The only disadvantage of this approach is you will be competing with others developers across the globe for the job.

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For a business to be present online it needs more than just a website. You’re looking through a magnifying glass, step back a little.

For a website to make profit:

  1. You need to have a website (here’s where you stand)
  2. Someone has to visit it (people need to know the address, find it on Search engines, be present online with other traffic attracting processes like blogging, vlogging, paid traffic, social media, etc.)
  3. That a website gets traffic it doesn’t mean it makes revenue (not even profit). It should be structured for the best User Experience to be a solution to a visitor problem (like buying a product or service).
  4. If you’re a local business person that never had a website before you don’t know what you’re into. How much of maintenance will the website need, how much time and money would it take, do you need to hire someone to manage your website presence?

So when you offer a business page to a local business it’s more about what’s the solution for them. The page itself is not a solution to anything. It’s just a tool.

For example:
Problem: not enough sales
Solutions: cold call more people, give away flyers, send emails, sell online (at least theoretically would get more eyeballs than only staying local).

Selling online can mean more than one thing. You can use FB marketplace, which doesn’t need a website, if it’s a product try Ebay, Amazon, create your own website using simple web page builders, or hire a contractor to build a website.

Now you see, that getting a website is an actual cost, but not guaranteed profit. If you want to sell a website creation to the local business you have to sell a solution, more than a tool.

Try learning how do they get clients now, how having a website would improve their bottom line, sell the real idea that it won’t be easy but there are others that are killing it (would be great to show their industry competitors). Now when they want to make more sales online, you tell them that you need a unique website to stand out from the crowd. Then your website is a solution to a problem - they already want to sell online, but can’t because they don’t have a website.

Until you find clients that already want to sell online, or make them believe that they need to be online, it will be really hard to sell websites.

Hope it helps.


do some research before you call.

if the have a outdated, insecure or poorly designed website you can offer an assessment of their site and ways to make it better

most people hate cold callers. i know i do. and you have to do more than just ask them if they need a website. if it was something the felt was important for their business they would have taken care of it already.

if youre freelancing youre not just a coder or a salesman. youre a consultant, and your job is to understand their needs first and help them to improve their business. give them a reason to see why having a better website or adding certain features can help them to improve customer service, outreach, sales, etc

that being said freelancing locally is generally tough for a lot of people but doable if you have the knack for it


Alright bro i will look locally and online:). I did find some websites for freelance web development but I would like to hear your opinion. Let me know if you have a suggestion for a specific freelance website that you think is beginner friendly.

I will keep that in mind

Thanks for your helpful advice!

Something I’ve discovered is that people are more responsive on craigslist and also your ad that you are a developer. I’m in the middle of a move to San Jose (My last push for a developer job while i’m doing a lot of reactjs practice). As well as taking a fellowship with pathrise and attending meetups that are way over my head. This is good. The more I immerse myself into high level concepts the more I’ll learn.

In any case I’m busy.

No matter what though, don’t cold call unless you have skill in sales.

I’d focus on getting a great portfolio and learning and doing more towards a full time developer position.

I know it’s hard but there are a lot of online resources. Just keep your projects going.

Alright thanks for the helpful advises i really appreciate it! May i ask why is it your last push for a developer job ?