Local Copy of FCC - Can't Access Profile Page

Hi everyone, I have followed the instructions in contributing.md and have a local copy of FCC running on localhost:3000. I want to fix this issue but need to access the profile page on my local copy of FCC to do so.

However, after logging in using OAuth0, I see this page:

After clicking “Settings”, I end up here (localhost:3000/settings):

Same blank page happens if I try to access localhost:3000/katieyang (my username).

tl;dr I can’t seem to access the profile page on my local copy! Any advice for how I could do this? Would be especially convenient if I could access my own profile page for testing… Thanks!

You may need to also be running an instance of the freecodecamp/learn repository. (If you are going to address challenge issues, you will also need the freecodecamp/curriculum repository.)

Ran an instance of the learn repo, but still unable to access profile page. Not addressing a challenge issue so I don’t think the curriculum repo is necessary.

Let me know if there are any other ideas to try!