I cannot access my account anymore. My camper profile also seems to have disappeared

I just received front end web certificate yesterday and today I was going through es6 challenges when suddenly the site kicked me out. I tried to login again but it failed. Then I investigated a little and found out that that my camper profile has also vanished from freeeCodeCamp.org
Not only my progress seems to have lost but my account is also no longer visible, It’s very disappointing considering how much time I put in it. Please Help in anyway.

What is your FCC username?

My FCC username is ozarion
My primary email is cozarion@gmail.com

When I try to look at your portfolio, I get a 500 error which is weird and different than what I see when I try going to to portfolio for a user that doesn’t exist or a user who has set their portfolio to private. You can email team@freecodecamp.org to ask for an investigation into what’s going on in your particular case.

Thank You. I hope It’s just a temporary bug.