Local Database Cert code to FCC

SIf we run the database certificate items locally, can we somehow import the code to run it when the CodeAlly issue is fixed to get the Check for completion? Much like we would have to do with copying Codepen items to the current version FCC for certificate item completion?

I want to work on that track and CodeAlly is unreliable. If can do it locally and then just run the script that would complete the project when CodeAlly becomes available that is the route I will begin to take.

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Hello there,

This is definitely something we can look into. @moT01 How feasible does this sound?

For the five certification projects, if you complete them locally, you can save your code and database dump files on your computer and then open the project on fCC (CodeAlly) and use them to complete those challenges quickly. Copy the files into the VM, rebuild the database, and run the tests - it should pass for the most part. Some of the projects have a few other small things to do.

For all of the projects, there is a way to get the check mark on freeCodeCamp while completing the courses locally. It’s on my todo list to create thorough instructions on how to do this. Basically, you just need to copy your user token (thing that identifies your fCC account) into an environment variable when running them locally - and when you finish one of the courses, it will submit to the fCC server and save to your profile, giving you the check mark. Your user token isn’t easily accessible at the moment, but if you look at the network requests when opening one of the projects on freeCodeCamp, you will see a request to codeally.io that looks something like this:


Your (encrypted) user token is that CODEROAD_WEBHOOK_TOKEN. I forgot exactly how to put it in the local environment (don’t want to figure it out atm), but put it in there as CODEROAD_WEBHOOK_TOKEN and complete a course, and it will save to your fCC profile and give you the check mark.

Edit: Also, CodeAlly is available for most people right now - we are having issues with a minority of accounts, so we left the maintenance message up there. If you want to try the browser version, it will likely work for you @BakingBread - but no promises right now.


Okay I’m back to revisiting this potential item. Is there a website that walks you through how to save the files locally to my computer from devcontainers extension? Does the alternative of using the ENV variable need to be built into the dockerfile? maybe FCC should have a container track LOL