Long Journey to Online Freelance *hopefully a web developer*

Hello guys. I’ve developed some interest to become a web developer a year ago as I watched my friend doing her job as a WordPress developer, which is quite inspiring for me (and I want to be like her too). She taught me some basic things, and I learned some too from another online academy. Somehow, I lost in the track and often felt lost, and hard to remember the structures and so on. And recently I stumbled to this site (which I think it’s so cool) and maybe learn even more than what I’ve already known further.

How did you guys make it from the beginning and landed on jobs and real projects? Share some advice or drop some tips guys.

And wish me luck with my new career as I am committing 100% to work online. Happy New Year 2020 and thank you. :star_struck: :v:


Hi @abdnrzlh,

I wish you lots of luck with your new career.

And if you also want to become a WordPress developer, maybe you should have a look at Brad Schiff’s courses at Udemy to help you learn how to build your own WordPress themes.

Make sure you don’t pay too much. There are always discounts on Udemy and the price shouldn’t be above 10 or 11 euro’s.

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Thanks so much @Joke! I will look for your suggestions. Thanks again, really appreciate that. :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:

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