Looking for advice on a backend dev journey

Hello everyone, first time posting a topic.

I recently left my job and moved back with my mother to focus on learning and getting into the tech world. I know for a fact I have no interest in frontend development, so I jumped straight into the Scientific Computing with Python Certification. I also have a long term goal to get into the natural language processing field, since that ties into some old interest in linguistics I had when I was younger.

I completed the first project in the course but since then I’ve been a bit stuck and unmotivated to continue. I kinda put that into a halt and started studying with the Think Python book to maybe get a more thorough understanding before I move on with the projects. I was also thinking about starting the web design course, but I don’t really know if that’s the best approach for someone who isn’t really interest in frontend. Still, I think those might be nice skills to have.

Anyone has some advice on a roadmap to follow? Maybe what other FCC courses are interesting to take for someone like me? I know I’ll start the data and ML after I have a better understanding of Python. Or is that not really required and I could maybe start them now?

Thanks in advance, hope everyone will have a great year of learning. =}

Hi @alfredo.hsh, at the beginning is always difficult to find a single “path” to follow, as there are so many topics to learn it’s easy to get sidetracked.

So my best suggestion is to rephrase the question focusing more on a concrete goal.
Or in other words, why are you doing what you are doing?

If your goal is, for example, to get hired as a ML specialist, than the real question would be: “which one is the (shortest?) path to become an employable machine learning professional?”.

You can probably find more focused answer this way, that should help you keep on track.

That said there’s a very popular project on github that shows some widely accepted roadmaps for various journey, maybe this can be of help as well.

Good luck :sparkles:

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Thanks for the reply! Also, that’s an awesome repo, starred and will browse through it for sure.

To answer your question: I want to become an NLP engineer. From what I’ve read and researched it is the area in tech that most interests me. I know it’s a long road ahead and it’ll probably require some years of learning, but that’s the end goal.

That’s an area that’s foreign to me, so I don’t have meaningful enough insight to offer besides the usuals.

Learn Python, read books about the topics and create a lot of projects to practice what you learn and showcase your skills.

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but this is the only resource I know about ML that hosts challenges, discussions, datasets…etc…etc

I hope someone else will chime in and give a better guidance :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for your reply and resources. I’m saving all the info about ML I can get. None is irrelevant. =}

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