Looking for advice

I wish to have a career in webdesign (its what i actually like doing and been doing as a hobby since i was 13, i have decent skills but am in no way an expert ), but:

  • i’m 30 years old and have never had a coding job.
  • i do not have a bachelor’s degree in coding.

What i do have:

  • a high school degree in programming ( turbo pascal ).
  • a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.
  • a bachelor’s degree in economics.
  • a master’s degree in industrial production engineering.
  • 6 years of problem solving work experience as a supervisor and design engineer (mechanical field).

My options are:

  • i can go ahead and get another masters degree but this time in a relevant coding field (but not actual webdesign).
    to get a formal education. (2 years instead of 4 years for a bachelor).
  • i can start building an updated portfolio and try to get a junior position that way (or at least an internship position).
  • webdesign courses in my area are not recognized world wide so a certification from them would not really take me far, in my opinion.

I really do believe that this is the last time i can “rebrand” myself and i am kind of late to the party.
I need to be efficient with my time that is why any advice is welcome.

Thank you for reading my long winded post.

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Don’t worry. You have this in the box. A specific degree in the field isn’t required. Even at large corporations one can obtain full time positions with a degree in any field, most important is your ability to interview and demonstrate your skills. Can you move? If you can do the above then check out Amazon. The three keywords you need are “Amazon” “Frontend” and “jobs”.

Good luck, but I have a feeling you won’t need it :slight_smile: