Looking for feedback (Random Quote Machine)

I’ve just completed my random quote machine. Would appreciate any feedback and suggestion.

Link ->https://codepen.io/angela1997/full/EwmYgb/

Thanks in advance))

Hi Angela,

It looks great, I love the background animation. Only thing I could think to be critical of was the fact that the box changes sizes based on the length of quote and I found myself constantly chasing the button around to get a new quote. I know it’s minor ( and I think mine does the same thing), but I think it would be a better experience if it was static.


Hey George,

Thanks for the feedback. I think you’re right. I will try to fix it)

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Hey. Looks fine, nice work. You would probably want to take into consideration when the quote comes back with no author, otherwise your #author div will be just empty when that happens.

You could also “dry” the code a bit; you probably don’t need all those .animate() method. With jQuery you can select multiple elements like:

$('.class1, .class2, .class3, ... ').method({ /* stuff */ });

Hey. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve fixed it, when there is no author it’s now writing -Unknown author.
And I didn’t know that I can select multiple elements at once, but I’ve done that now too)))

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Hi Angela,
It’s pretty good. I especially like the background color change. Keep up the good work!

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