Random Quote machine with different quote types

Hi everyone, I have completed my Random Quote Machine project. It is hosted on GitHub.
I did not use an API, instead, I stored the different classes of quotes in arrays and are accessed by generating random array index numbers.

Here you go: Quote Machine

Please note if you click “New Quote” and it seems like nothing happens, just click again, this is because you generated the same number when you click on new quote.

I will like to know what you guys think, especially things i could have done better.


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I liked your work. Here is what I loved:

  • background image is awesome (good choice)
  • choice of content is also good.
  • I liked it to see the 3 buttons appearing with animation. That’s like conveying it’s an informal website (non-commercial).

Now, few improvement I would love to see:

  • first quote appears with animation, how nice it would be to see subsequent quotes too coming with animation when user presses Next Quote button.
  • There is so much free area on page, why not increase the size of navigation buttons when (as big as Next Quote button may be)
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Hi @mehtak.
Thanks for your feedback.

I didn’t make subsequent quotes with animation because I thought it might be overkill :smile:
I will look into it.

Yeah, there is quite a lot of space on the page. I will preview the size of the nav-buttons and see how I looks. Did you view on mobile or desktop?

I viewed it on desktop.

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what framework did you use for the backgound and the animations ??