Looking for Java projects/tutorials

Hi guys, I know I’m out of scope here, I made all frontend part of FCC curriculum, but the thing is I’m learning Java at school, going for the second year now and I’m starting to get bored, this asignature starts with the very basics of programming and OOP, mostly I’ve already learned with php years ago, so practically I’m just learning only syntax and java specific stuff. So I wanted to jump on my free time and make some real projects, but I can’t really find something more that already made projects, or too basic tutorials.

Do you know some places where I can find requeriments or text tutorials to start working by myself? Like in frontend mentor where they give you the resources and requeriments and you have solve the problem by yourself?

In the Code Interview Prep there is an entire section called “Take Home Projects”.

They are mainly front end projects, like building a weather app using an API, or making a PONG game, etc. I did the weather app one, definitely lots of nice challenges.

If you want to just exercise your Javascript, other sections have algorithmic challenges, will teach about data structures, or the Project Euler stuff can be pretty challenging, a lot of times with more Math Intensive problems.

No javascript, JAVA, I’ve already done all frontend in freeCodeCamp.

Yeah, I made that distinction but thought maybe you really meant Javascript.

Codwars has Java challenges. Don’t know if you could call them “projects” but can definitely help sharpen your skills.

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