Looking for Mentor/Mentee relationship

Hello to all and thank you for adding me to your forum! I am a full time father that has a great passion for all things I.T. related. I would say I possess the foundational skills needed to make the relationship worthwhile to my potential “Mentor”. I am approaching 40 and have little to nothing to show for those years here on earth.I finally have the springboard, platform, and means to apply my thirst for a devoloping knowledge about M.L , A.I., and general coding and programming . I am now looking to start a network of minds and future friends to learn from and grow with. Thank you for your time reading this and I look forward to building relationships with all of you!

Private mentoring is very expensive. I suggest that you instead participate in a public mentoring community like this one.


You have found a whole community made up of people who want to help you succeed: either as peers or more experienced guides. Feel free to treat this forum as one big mentor.


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