Looking for pair programming partner


Looking for a partner to do pair programming with. I’m currently on the Intermediate Front End Development Projects. Stuck on the weather app.
Wondering if anybody wants to work through the rest of the front end section together. I am in the Eastern Standard Time (Toronto time).


Hi dear,

hope you’re fine.

I’m from France, and looking for a pair programming partner.

I’ve made the quote machine and the weather app today (missing 1 small option on each)
I mostly need help to pair in the intermediate algorithms scripting.
Would you be interested? :slight_smile:


See you,


Hi Adrien,

Yes, that would be great!

I’m working on the weather app today and would like to collaborate on the intermediate stuff. Would you like to do a GoogleHangouts session to chat about the projects? I’m still working on the weather app should be have most of it done by Thursday. Can we discuss the projects sometime this weekend? Anytime Sat or Sunday should work for me.

Attached are my freecodecamp map: https://www.freecodecamp.com/codebyjo/
and github: www.github.com/codebyjo/


Dear Joanne,

Cool, let me know if you need some help on the weather app.
I only have to add the metric switch to complete mine, that’s why I didn’t published it yet.
The same for the random quote machine, I didn’t set the twitter quote.

Ok, perfect, we could make this session sunday if possible for you :slight_smile:
Would you please send me a PM for details on your schedule possibilities?

Here is mine: https://www.freecodecamp.com/adrienbucci

Se you,



I still have a lot to do on mine. I need to set an “if statement” to change a weather icon depending on the weather.

I’m working on it with some help from another programmer, and it’s always nice to have people to work with. It keeps me motivated!

Usually I am at work during the day and can work on programming anytime after 6pm EST (Toronto time). I’m at home pretty much all day Sunday. Let me know what time works best for you.


Hello Joanne :slight_smile:

A quick tips for the weather app, maybe it could help: you don’t need any if statement, because of the code used by the API response.
Look at this link: https://openweathermap.org/weather-conditions

You’ll find icons matching the returned code (ex: for a rainy night, ti is “10n”)
Just link the image distant url available on this site and leave the image name under a variable, and it should work :wink:

Ok, perfect, I’m sending you a PM when I’m ok with my planning :slight_smile:

See you,


Hi everybody! I’m looking for pair programming partner. I’m not very experienced. English is not my native language, so I’m struggling with language barrier. I’m available from 10 to 16 UTC. If anybody interested, drop me a line. Thanks! Now I’m working on Record Collection challenge.

Hey all, I too am looking for pair programming buddies. I’ve found a few but could use some more since they aren’t always available. I wrote a post, and have a system set up to get started. https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/pair-programming/78636 I’m usually online from 130 to 6 PST.

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