Looking for Portfolio Criticism

First off, I want to thank the FCC community for staying awesome. FCC has done so much for me in my endeavor to become a better coder and designer. I have the legacy front-end dev cert and the responsive web design cert, with 2 more half-way completed.

A little introduction about me: I’ve been developing and designing small business websites for the past 3 years as a freelance agency. I recently moved to a small town near Camden, TN, and am looking for a job. I was hoping someone here could help me out on some tips/suggestions on my website. I haven’t changed 90% in the past 2 years, so it’s definitely requiring some updates. I’ve been searching portfolios, but would like someone to provide some constructive criticism.

I already figure that there is way too much ‘clicking’ to get to place to place. I also used to have more projects, but the businesses I built them for, either went out of business or went to cheaper options. Covid hasn’t helped, so I’m currently looking for a dev job, which is why I’m wanting to transition my site to a portfolio site with freelancing options.

Website link: Aliquid

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This is fine, but it doesn’t strike me as a job seeker’s portfolio.

I feel like if you were trying to position yourself as an experienced developer looking for a new opportunity at somebody else’s company, you’d want something tailored to that end.

it seems a website of a firm selling a service, not of someone searching a job

what do you want to obtain with your website?

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I’m trying to go less of a firm selling a service and more of a portfolio for design and front-end development, while keeping options open for freelancing. As I said, I’ve had the same look for 2 years now, looking to change things up but needing some direction.

Any changes to make it less like a firm selling services and more ‘portfolio-like’ for job opportunities?

That’s actually really nice to hear about it being fine. I’ll definitely have to change it up a bit to tailor it to being more front-end dev and designer role instead of selling services. Any suggestions on how I should do that?

I’m at a point in life where I want to keep things up for new clients when I get back to it, but I also want to be open for job opportunities at companies. Wasn’t sure if I should make a particular page just for showing I’m open to job opportunities or what