Looking for programming partner with high motivation (beginner)

Hello guys,

my name is Nebi and I’m looking for a programming partner to start with freecodecamp who is very motivated and reliable. A good way to work together could be to meet once a week and talk about latest results and agree on some milestones for every week to continue together.

I’m from Frankfurt (Germany) and 28 years old (male). The partner don’t has to be german :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Potential partners would find it more helpful if you have some details such as where you’re up to on the freeCodeCamp curriculum, what kinds of projects you’re working on and whether you’re interested in pair programming.


Dear Nebi

You seem to have a good idea there! I have studied many things by myself, and actually prefer that to a classroom, but it is so very useful to have someone who you can meet up with on a regular basis to check progress and do exactly what you said: Set milestones and challenge each-other to achieve them!

I’m from South Africa. I have done some things with HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery but I need to learn more and do real projects. I’m only starting at freeCodeCamp now. I doing everything from the beginning, though, as freeCodeCamp covers much content that the other course I bought didn’t cover. My goal is to become proficient enough to start part-time work in coding by mid to end 2018. I’m a 30 year old male, married with two adorable kids. So, I really need to stay disciplined when it comes to coding every day!

If you would like to, perhaps we can meet up weekly on Skype or wherever? Or if you find someone in Frankfurt, that’s probably better! Let me know and don’t feel pressured to accept me just because it seems I’m the first person to put his hand up!

Ruan Huysen

I’m a newbie too, I’m looking for a partner too, Hi my name is Dennis Falcasantos, 19 years old, I’m from Philippines,

Hi Nebi, I’m new to programming and am also looking for a partner. My name is Noel Hutasoit, I’m a 21 year old living in Indonesia

Hi Dennis, do you have a codepen profile? maybe i can follow you and we can give feedback to each other

Can I suggest you my name to become your partner??

This is such a great idea! Hi I’m Linh and I live in New York. I’m a beginner and I would love to have a partner too :slight_smile: May I ask if you are looking for an in person partner or online partner?