Loosing progress of work when ever my system is restarted

is it normal to loose your progress? twice now i have had to restart more than one complete project despite been completed by me.
this happens when my system goes off due to power or when the browser tab is accidentally closed. when i try revisiting my last check-point via my browser history, the page loads with all my pre written code. but when i check it under curriculum, i notice all the steps prior to that step is marked as undone by me. and if i try navigating from curriculum to where i supposedly stopped, zero progress is recorded. i even had to do a certification project more than once.

Anytime you paused or left the project site, did you save the progress so far using the save your code button?. Because as far as i am concerned if you didn’t you would have to start all over

that option is not particularly available for every step. only noticed in on certification projects. and i definitely save and continue.

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