Lorem ipsum ?!?

What is it actually. i tried to look up in net.but i didn’t understand what it is and how can we use it in our code.Anyone wanna help me out here :frowning:

Lorem Ipsum is just latin (or pseudo latin depending on who you ask and what version of the text you have) placeholder text. The text is preferable in mockups to real content because it forces the reviewer to focus on the design instead of the content of the text. Its also preferable to mashing your keyboard like “nhfjkhghfgdfhe iuewfhawefkluhef” because the words in standard lorem ipsum text blocks are spaced similarly to how sentences would look in real latin alphabet languages like english and french.

You can use a lorem ipsum generator online to copy and paste the text in your designs. If you use an app like TextExpander on the Mac like I do, it can be useful to make a shortcut for the text.

You can generate some here https://www.lipsum.com/

You can also generate some more playfully fun text with Hipster Ipsum here https://hipsum.co/. Same idea, just with some craft beer and a bit of kickstart thrown in :slight_smile:

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