Lost my notes on JS

I stopped coding for a few months with the birth of my daughter, I feel a little guilty for not using some of my free time to learn. But anyways, now I am trying to pick back where I left off but I’m having a difficult time continuing especially since I’m in the Basic Algorithm Scripting section without my notes! I had them on a thumb drive and somehow I misplaced it. If any note takers out there would be willing to share their notes with me that would be so helpful!

I know how you feel, I had what was supposed to be a new macbook die on me (the hard drive was fine but Apple doesnt help with data recovery) so I lost all my notes too.

I’ve slowly been remaking them but ive still got a long way to go (mostly it was notes to myself about how to use specific functions). One other thing I do is screenshot the notes from within the curriculum and turn that into a pdf because that is significantly easier to refer back to that previously completed lessons. If you want these pdf’s i’d be happy to share them (provided its allowed).


I recommend storing your notes in the cloud, in something like Google Docs, or Dropbox. Personally I’m a fan of using Github for this, using the markdown format.

Unfortunately, I have no notes to share, but we’re always happy to help out here, so if you have any questions on algorithms, feel free to ask on the forum. Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Wow, I’m impressed by this pdf Table of contents, Yes I would love it if you could share!

Here you go

I have lots more too if anyone else wants some

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These are all the HTML/CSS/JS and BS notes you need:

and for Bootstrap

The free code camp lessons are much better than those.

Thank you guys for your help and sharing your resources!