Notes Of Learning Paths

Hi guys,

I have a request that will help everyone in this community and many in the future. I want to request notes of every learning path, whether responsive design, front-end, or back-end. Any small to significant notes counts. Please attach or link google drive to your notes and I will make a collective pdf for every path.

I know it’s hard to take notes while there is so much to learn in so less time. So it’s a great way to help everyone in distress; who wants a quick or detailed recap of any topic.

This is also compensation, although little in amount, to freeCodeCamp.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @hobab.leo99 !

Can you explain by what you mean here?

Are you interested in donating to freeCodeCamp?

Its hard to remember everything so a developer always look for solid notes.
Since my post is on freeCodeCamp, there are chances that they will be redirected here.

They might be introduced to this platform and what it provides. This will help the company.

P.s I will donate, shortly. I am looking for a job :slightly_smiling_face: .

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