Love coding but difficult to learn alone

This is my first task on Codepen; Not really what I want it to be. It is not attractive and looks bad. I need guide to know what to input to make this interesting.

This is my second task on Codepen: I want to seriously develop this page to just be like ones I see but here I am not happy with myself.

Please if someone can help me out, I will really love to follow duly. Most times, I don’t know what to do next, just stuck and no idea on my head!

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I don’t even know how to type code which will make the page to have a scroll bar. I have tried all that can come into my head but nothing to make it work.

Just keep coding.

This stuff that’s hard is going to keep being hard until you force yourself to learn. You’re going to have to look up a bunch of stuff in the beginning, and that’s fine. Keep practicing, keep reading stuff. It doesn’t matter if it’s the worst looking, worst programmed web page / program in the world, as long as you learned something in the process.

The design portion (making stuff look pretty) comes with time. If your mind doesn’t work that way, it really is difficult. Some people, myself included, are better at building functionality (javascript) instead of making things look pretty.


Hello… I am also new here and learning how to code. i want to be a web developer. I am focusing on HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JQuery. Is this sufficient or i need to learn something more ?

Hello, @JYOTI, welcome to the crew! :grinning: Bill Sourour has a great post about this here:
It’s a bit lengthy, but you can skip to the relevant parts.


Keep at it! It requires more perseverence than most other things.
You can do it!


Thank you for your advice. Lemme carry on, maybe I will look for some part to perfect in it. It is so disturbing or having low morale when you see other pens written by people looks nice. But I really got your advice. I will try to finish this journey on FCC, hopefully at the end of it, I must have figured out a place I will be perfect with.

Thanks again!

Thank you dear! I will keep on going.

It can be isolating learning online. While some really enjoy the solitude that coding affords them, others might have a difficult time with it.