"LUNA" Product Page Feedback


I know my Product Page does not follow the requirements of FCC product landing page. It is intentional not having the e-mail and submit button.

I like the design too much and don’t want to implement the e-mail and submit button hastily. I’ll probably try to implement it in a visually pleasing way later.

Please critique me or point me to resources. Thank you!

I like the overall color and design as well :slight_smile: I would say that when the width gets smaller, perhaps think about incorporating a humburger nav bar, or just lower the font size of the nav element. Have you tried messing with drop shadow as well? I feel it would go pretty well on those images, which can add a nice depth to the overall field.

As for the email and submit button part, you can just do what I do, and just have them in your html, but hide them via css by setting their display to none.

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Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it. I will try out your suggestions.

I might stay away from any JS (even if it is very very simple). The humburger nav bar seems super cool. I will try it once I learn some JS. (Don’t wanna copy paste something I have no clue about).

I love the look! It is beautifully designed.

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