Macbook Air for programming?

Guys, my old laptop is dying so I wanna buy a new one. I wanna go for a Mac and was wondering if Mac Air ( i5 , 8gb ram, 128 SSD ) would be enough for mostly Front End Developing. I am still a beginner. (ıhd-13-3-laptop-silver-1175350.html ) Please check the link and give me your advices. I know that Mac Book Pro is a better machine but the prices are really high here in Turkey. So please tell me your opinions and advices for other windows laptops are also welcomed.

With a Mac you pay a lot for the Apple experience. If it’s worth it to you, go for it. But any similar Windows or Linux machine with similar specs will be fine and will be far cheaper.

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Thanks for your answer Jeremy. Yeah I would absolutely go for an Apple product since they can be used for a longer time. I just was wondering if an Mac Air is enough for regular front end developing.

Apple products don’t particularly have a longer lifespan. You can find identical hardware for cheaper and Linux will run on old hardware for far longer. It’s fine if you want to pay more to have an Apple, but that’s exactly what it is. Paying more for an Apple over identical hardware.

Anything that can run a browser is fine for front end development. If just a question of if the screen and keyboard are sufficiently comfortable for you.

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A normal Windows 10 Laptop will definitely work. You just need to keep mind of the RAM and CPU. What you really need for programming is to pick what Code Editor do you want to use, or even just a full blown IDE. It’s all up to you. For me, personally I use VSCode, because of the features it brings.


I agree, I have been using Vs code from the beginning and by far is the best Code Editor I have tried.

It sounds like you have the ability to afford whatever computer you want.

In that case my advice is always to physically handle a laptop if possible and find the one that will be the most comfortable. I find the keyboard to be the most significant (my suggestion for that is a Thinkpad BTW). If you really think you’ll carry it around a lot, then size and weight matter. If not, a nice big screen is good. If you’re going to plug it into external monitors/keyboards/etc, there are devices with more and less compatibility (I like Dell docking stations, but I’ve also had great results with Lenovo ones supporting Windows, Linux, multiple manufacturers). If you will almost always be at a desk I would suggest putting your money in a desktop build and just have a cheap and tough laptop.

As others have said, if you love the look and feel of Apple products, go for it. But unless you specifically want to develop iOS apps, a MacBook isn’t necessary. The difference is look and feel.

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I own all 3: Mac, Linux and Windows.

My fav: Linux
2nd fav: Mac
3rd fav: Windows

MacBook battery life is hands down the best. It’s not even close. I think the first 3-4 months they were close in battery time. I’ve also never experienced a glitch on my MacBook. I can’t say the same about my Windows machine.

Most companies I’ve worked with typically give you a windows environment to work in and then you have to SSH to a Linux box. I prefer to work from Linux. For one there’s far more control over what you can do. Two, from a programmer’s perspective, it’s good to learn at least the basics of Linux.

The cool thing about Mac is they have a terminal that uses Unix. It’s a form of Linux but far fewer tools. Ultimately it’s just best to use the environment you enjoy working in the most.

Graphics cards are not going to really matter in programming unless you’re doing some serious gaming so I’m sure MacBook Air would be just fine.

I bought a MacBook air and already developed myfirst business website.
We are starting a hair transplant business with my friend
To be honest I loved my mac air. It is really easy to use and light to carry with you.
Thank you for your comments guys :slight_smile: