Machine Learning with Python Projects - Rock Paper Scissors

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I am currently trying to complete this challenge but when ever I try to install tensorflow I get this error:

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Challenge: Machine Learning with Python Projects - Rock Paper Scissors

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Well, based on the error, this seems to be the problem:


I believe replit limits you to 1GB of space (I’m not sure if there are options to increase that) and based on StackOverflow, Tensorflow is huge, weighing in at about 1.1GB, so if you wanna use it you either need to see if you can increase your space, use a different hosting site that supports more than 1GB, or maybe check to see if Tensorflow has a smaller package to install, or maybe you can selectively install only the components you need.

It looks like you are having trouble getting Tensorflow to work. Have you tried a different version of the software or a different way to load it? For help with installation, you could look at the official Tensorflow instructions.

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