macOS Laptop for React-Native


I am planning to buy a laptop to develop react-native apps. I will go for a MacBook air or a pro. I need it to run well since it will be used to work.

A new MacBook Air has just been released with the i7-1065G7 processor. It is a quad-core 1.2 ghz. But I am not sure if this processor would be enough to code in react-native smoothly.

What are your experiences with react-native? Which processors do you use and how does it run?

It’ll run fine, processor is much of a muchness tbh (faster processor with more cores == faster compilation, but that’s not in any way a huge issue). RAM and storage is what’s important (and what costs for Apple products). The processors in any high-grade laptop from the last 3-4 years are probably going to be absolutely fine for your purpose (the main issue is probably running the Android simulator on Android Studio, which is extremely slow and resource intensive; processor might help there but what helps much more is just plugging an Android phone in and bypassing the annoyance)

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your answer.
Time for compilation is not a concern. What concerns me is Android Studio which, as you say, is really consuming. I would definetly connect an Android device but I did not know if that would be enough to run fast.


Yeah course it’ll be fine, the emulator is sluggish even on fast computers because it’s emulating an entire operating system + the hardware it runs on. It’s just annoying to develop on, and a very fast processor might help a bit (:man_shrugging:t3:). It’s minor thing though cos you can just run it in a device instead.

Just to reiterate, memory and RAM. eg re memory, XCode is huge, Android Studio is big, an Android emulator is enormous, the temporary build cache is huge. I have the 128Gb pro at work and it all works fine, as long as I’m extremely stringent about cleaning it down every few days

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