Made sudoku solve algorithm!

Its been about two weeks ive been stuck on designing algorithm for the Sudoku Solver challenge and even until the very end i was uncertain if ill make it work. At first i managed to write an algorithm which solves simple sudokus and it was clean and worked great. It worked on the example sudokus and i applied it to sudokus i found on the newspapers. But that wasnt enough, ive decided ill give it some more effort and add additional logics to solve more complex sudokus. I rewrote code several times and dealt with hundred of bugs, always looking like a dire cause, but finally somehow things (almost magically) worked! The code isnt really polished, as it intertwines two solve concepts which i failed to do gracefully, but it doesnt seem to give errors and the runtime is alright. The amazing thing is i created recursion on few crucial occasions and yet i consider recursion to still be foreign logic to me. Im glad i did not give up and went for the complex solution. Im yet to start working on the project itself, but this feels great. I have flashbacks from when i finished my calculator logic, but this time it seems even more of an achievement :slight_smile:
PS: i consider myself good at solving sudokus, which obviously can be crucial for success with the task

Hi Sylvant,
I wish for you to be a best Sudoku Solver.

I am also a great lover of Sudoku game.
My first journey of playing this game in 2015 or 16 when I first saw Sudoku game in my Grandmother’s mobile phone(Samsung, express music). Inside the game has 100 levels/ games. I am start trying to solve level1. I am falling every time I tried. Finally I solve a game of Sudoku, It takes 4 or5 days (more or less). That day I solved 7 levels. It takes 30+ munities for every game.

By plying this games I discovered some logic by myself that takes less time to solve them. I am addicted with this game, I am playing every time when I get free time. Few days latter I solved every game (98 out of 100 / 2 was un-solvable).

In my area have a popular News Paper called “daily sun”. In the weekend day (Friday) give a problem of Sudoku game. If someone solve the problem they give them gift. Luckily I got some gift by solving the game.

Now, It takes 3 to 6 min to solve the Sudoku game.

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