Making a Laboratory Management System

Fellow Campers,I have got a project from my college for building a Laboratory Attendance and online study platform.I have done the basic back end using PHP. Now I want to add some front end features for background database query(without refresh) and other front end improvements.Can Anyone help me out what technologies should I study and Am I at the right place?

You probably have to be more specific, like what have you implemented in the backend?
What do you want your front end to do?

FCC’s curriculum includes react, which is very capable tool for implementing a lot of front end things

I have used PHP for storing the attendance of student and allowed student to post contents related to a topic.The main problem is the website has to get refreshed for interactivity so I want to learn some front end technologies for achieving this .

I’m not familiar with PHP, so I can’t really attest to how well it plays with frontend libraries. React can do what you describe very well, since what it does is establish a virualDOM and render/re-render it whenever you update some state.

If all your back-end does is serve data like an api end point, react can take that data and do render without refreshing the page