Making apps for portfolio (updated at bottom)


I’m back at FCC after a long hiatus last year (I got promoted at work and that took up a lot of time). I’m now part of an in-person bootcamp, as well as using FCC. Reading through some of the success stories from here, I’m curious what kind of apps people build for their portfolios to show employers.

Do you build stuff of interest to you? From where do you get your ideas? Do you use specific sites to help generate ideas/code? Do you prefer to build in JS and JS frameworks? I’m learning React Native right now and just today began to understand the benefit of SPAs and components.

So yeah. My timeline for applying to jobs is next summer (starting July 1, 2020). This gives me about one year to complete the certs on here, make some other sites, but I’m more interested in building mobile apps or even desktop apps and cloud services.

Any ideas? Any success stories? I’m so grateful FCC exists; it’s a great blessing!

Edit: I should add, I’m talking about things outside of FCC’s Take Home Projects. They look great and I’m hoping I can complete them further down the road.