Portfolio Question for those who get a job

Hello, i was wondering for Those who get a job during/after FCC, did you use the same portfolio at you made early on in FCC or did you venture out and created a new one? examples of portfolios that got you a job will be appreciated.

How many projects from FCC did you include in your portfolio. i was having a look and seems like js challenges will be good it put in there but, lets say what about a simple tribute page?

thanks in advance

If you’re willing to put some time in digging through old posts, there have been quite a few people who have posted to the forum when they got a job and they almost always list which FCC projects they’ve done, what projects outside of FCC, and link a portfolio if they have one. That’s why we don’t delete old posts around here.

If you follow FCC on Medium or Twitter, you’ll also see a lot of personal stories that usually include references to completed projects.