Making visually appealing Web Apps

As I understand FCC is focused more on the analytical and technical side of being a web developer. .What are some resources / courses freely available to make make visually appealing applications ? I am referring to the design quality of the ones showcased on The earlier trend of PSD to html -css conversion is no longer the preferred option. I want to know what needs to be learned to make apps with elegant designs from the ground up

I was just reading this:

Pretty solid general tips, it seems.


Yes the ones on Dribble are beautiful, but you need to bear in mind most of them aren’t real, or are tiny, carefully picked and posed parts of a much greater whole.


@DanCouper True , I only referred to dribbble as a point of reference.

I still use Photoshop. It’s quick to layout different design ideas/proposals for approval by the client…

I’m not wasting time prototyping a “clickable” mockup, only to get rejected, or have extensive revisions made. It’s just a waste of time and money.

Once a Photoshop design is approved, then I’ll start coding a working/responsive HTML mockup based on that design. They can play with that, resize the browser, preview it on their phone, mobile device, etc.

Lately, I’ve played with Adobe XD. I’m still not completely sold on it. Ask me again in a year’s time and I may change my answer, or not.

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I watched some videos about visual design from Check your local library to see if they have a subscription so you can access their content for free.

I tried XD a bit. It seemed okay. I’m excited to try InVision Studio when it comes out, though (should be either this month or next it’ll be publicly available). One nice thing about Studio is that it will have some kind of free offering.