Manage package with npm - how to do the exercise with github?

Hi all,

I cloned the github repository and was doing the exercise from there. However, I wasn’t sure what link to submit in order to pass. Here’s the link I used and nothing happened - can anyone help? do I have to use glitch?


If it’s not a Glitch project, I don’t think the tests will work.

In order for your project to be checked, it has to be served up by a server. GitHub won’t serve your complete working project through any link. Using a resource like Glitch, which hosts your project and serves it up upon request, is necessary. You can paste your package.json file code into the file template in the Glitch project you can access through the fCC link. Once you’ve done that, you click the ‘show’ button at the top of the Glitch editor page and a new tab will open up in your browser. Copy that url and paste it into the ‘solution’ field on the fCC exercise page.

Added: Link your Glitch account to your GitHub account so you can directly upload your files from Glitch to GitHub; you’ll have to upload your files to GitHub and provide the URL to the repository you put those files into for the back-end projects anyway.