Stuck in first BackEnd Challenge


Please check the instructions of the first challenge from the BackEnd: APIs and Microservices Certification:


As stated by @kisan101 in his thread

There is no clear instruction of the link that as a student we should paste to submit the solution of this challenge.

Take note that instructions let submit the solution in glitch or github, and it doesn’t specify if the link should point to the project, or to the file “package.json” or to a different file.

In my case I couldn’t be able to pass this challenge, it is very easy, just to write the "author": "My Name" in the package.json file, but I can’t pass the validation of the solution. It seems that I don’t understand instructions on how to correctly validate de solution or could be because I’m making mistakes cloning the github repo of the challenge.

My github repo for this challenge:
As you see in the package.json file, the author is set according the challenge instructions and the documentation in npmjs site.

I have tried to validate the solution with the repo link, and the package.json file link with no success.

Also the hint you get fcc is focused on the use of glitch, there is nothing about using github: freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

Could you guide me on what I’m doing wrong?


did you get help? am stuck too

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Hi @andrescaroc I am not entirely sure you can use Github for these challenges. May be try hosting your app with Github pages and try giving that link. I am using Glitch and it is working fine without any issues.

Optionally you may choose to write your project on another platform but it must be publicly visible for our testing

I think they need the hosted app url rather than the url of the code base in order to test.

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@geraldombuthia You have to paste the link to a hosted live site of your project, so if your made it in Glitch, these are the steps:

  1. Click on Share
  2. Click on Live App
  3. Click on Copy
  4. Paste it in the FCC link validator of your challenge

Let github for a later step in your learning path

@acskck agree with you, I recommend using Glitch for this stage

have fun!


thank you, i managed to pass that challenge,
you could helpme in another huddle am facing

I am using github pages for a different challenge. My thoughts are, I ran the developer console on the generated GH page and I don’t see any way you can even access packages.json from the front facing site.

Since the challenges specifically mention you can use github, i am wondering if there are any specific settings we need to enable for this to go through.


I haven’t used github myself in the challenges but when you commit/upload your complete working app code, the tests can be done. So don’t use the console to check but check within the code, unless you are generating in another way other than through a commit

From my test result, github project link does not work, only Glitch project link works

Like yourself, I was trying to share a GitHub link, or rather a number of different GitHub links, but to no avail. The links I submitted failed to validate.

Since I want to use VSC to edit the code, I now 1. edit code locally 2. push to GitHub 3. Sync Github with Glitch 4. Share the Glitch link… this seems silly but works.

I feel the initial instructions have “some room” for improvement…

Happy Coding!

If you are trying with REPL, run the project and copy the URL from the web view you are getting above the console.


Thanks You bro! im stuck there 2 hours