APIs and Microservices Certification Solution submission

Hello everyone,

I’ve been struggling to find a way of submitting solutions. Could someone help with the procedure?


Hello Kisan.

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Have you made your project on GitHub, or Glitch?

Yes. The first challenge was very simple. Playing around package.json. But what should I put on solution link? Should I share my entire glitch project or github project?


If you made the project in Glitch, then paste the link to your Glitch project. It should end in .me

I’m stuck in the same question.

But I have cloned the github repo, added "author": "My Name" to the package.json, then created my own repo in github, then pushed the commit and it is now in my github repo.
Then I pasted the link of my repo to the solution in freeCodeCamp and It says

package.json should have a valid “author” key

I really don’t know which link to paste, the repo or the package.json, but neither of them make me pass the challenge.
This is my repo link

Contributors: I suggest to clarify the link that should be pasted for the test

Hello there.

The placeholder text in the submission link gives an example of what the link should be like:

So, that link you sent would be correct.

Thanks @Sky020 for your quick answer.
The placeholder i see for the first project looks different than your posted image:

There is the output of the test for my links:

and also I tried with:

but the test results are the same

As this is someone else’s thread, I leave you with one last suggestion, and if you have any more issues, please open a new topic linking to this topic.


  1. Change the location of where you place "author".
  2. Use Glitch…

Hi there,

I’m stuck with the same issue that seems pretty simple. My solution link is the public URL on gh-pages at Backend Challenges boilerplate - package.json | boilerplate-npm (cloned original repo and then changed/commited/pushed it after including author key:value).

But it’ll never pass the check on the first assignment of including author key/value within package.json.

I found similar topics all around but none with a clear solution to it.

Would anyone pls help out with this?


@ccamaralbr Welcome.

The backend challenges cannot be hosted on gh-pages (at least not simply). They are fullstack apps, and need a server, which gh-pages does not offer.

If you are unsure, please use the Replit link provided. Otherwise, open your own topic.

Thank you

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