Managing Packages with Npm. Hi there i'm trying to do a challenge on this topic but i'm failing to pass it . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

This is how my file looks like

Go to “Introduction to the Managing Packages with npm Challenges” of this module and click on the given link bottom on page you will redirect to the glitch webpage on that page you will get your all files to start your project and use package.json file.

Okay, let me try that. Thanks

i have tried this path and shared the different project links but it’s not working.

Go to live app and try given link It will work.

I have tried it but still it’s not working , before trying glitch, i had tried using the repo of freecode camp

give me link your glitch project.

Is freecodecamp accept your project.

yeah they have accepted even the previous ones

Hi, i just forgot to tell you that your answer has solved my problem. Thank you for your help.