Massive long shot but any D3 experts want to pair programme with me?

Basically because learning via reading through their bloated API reference is taking me for ever… :confused:

oooh. You just missed it. Packt gave away a great free D3 book about 3 days ago. I’m not an expert, but I’m trying to learn it myself if you want to get together…

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Yes please!
Do you use

Haven’t for a while, but i can use Gitter or slack. I’ve never pair programmed before, so I can’t promise anything… Go ahead and send me a private message with a link to however you would like to chat. :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

Me I have just started to play with D3. Now I have started to draw some line, sine wave and the like. I recommand you you this course, that I think will put you on the road:

The best way to learn coding is by coding, discussing, and by analysing others code. I have some dificulties communicating in english, if it’s not a problem for you I can join the group.

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Sure. Can we communicate on I also use Google Hangouts to talk if that works for you.