Master List of Curricula and Projects for Study Groups and In-person Events

There is a growing need to have a central location to keep track of free and open source curriculums and other resources for use with in-person study groups and events. This post aims to be a central location for these types of resources.

Many of the sites linked below provide slides and/or interactive materials to make them easy to pick up and use without too many modications. Please comment if you have any suggestions so we can add to the list.




Robotics & IoT

Computer Science

Other & General


Khan Academy has various Computing related courses that would be valuable additions to your master list.

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MIT Open Courseware - CompSci and Electrical Engineering has open courses online for free. I believe Harvard and Princeton do too. You can use edX for finding free online courses from Universities. There’s also CodeAcademy which has a lot of great free courses. A really really great resource is Open Source Society University - Comp Sci . Its essentially an entire computer science degree laid out using only open source material hosted on github, a lot of work has gone into it. Finally there’s ClassCentral which essentially aggregates all the open courses out there on the web into one place. If I remember anymore I’ll try and post them here, these are just the ones off the top of my head.

Update: Also found TeachYourselfCS which I haven’t vetted but looks promising

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thanks , for list, it help me

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The Odin Project, is an other open source web development curriculum, but their backend is Ruby, and they expect you to do projects on a local environment, so not viable for everyone