Math covered in freecodecamp

All the math needed in programming is gradually covered in the curriculum of freeCodeCamp, or do I need to study some things apart? And if I should, what would be them?

Thanks in advance.

To be honest, I haven’t covered the math portion of this program, however, I was told there would be a little bit of math but that which doesn’t require studying for. I’d assume it’ll be explained thoroughly in the practices etc.

I got it, but I would like a opinion because I’m spending 1 hour each day studying math at KhanAcademy and I’d like to know if I should be doing that, or just following the program will at some point cover things in a more focused way. Studying through Khan is a little bit boring, and as I’m a self-learner, I have no guidance, which makes me think if that thing is going to be really useful

I’m kind of a beginner myself, I’m near the end of my HTML CSS portion which requires no math at all. Moving onto javascript.
IMO what I would do is not really get ahead of yourself right away by studying math. I would just work through the programs and when a math comes up, I’d go back to Khan Academy to look up that specific math portion. That way you don’t study unnecessary math problems and overload your mind

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I agree with Sherif123.

So far I haven’t ran across anything where they didn’t give you the formula or equation when you needed to code a calculation for a challenge. I think the focus on this site is more on learning the basics of a particular language and how to use that language to do something.

Depending on what type of programming you want to do, studying math could be beneficial. Probably not for web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Programmers that work at engineering companies or companies that do a lot of 3D modeling (games, scientific simulations, etc) will probably need the math.

However, I think those things are outside the scope of freeCodeCamp.

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Hi @leviermonaites !

Welcome to the forum!

The first six certifications focus on web development.
More specifically, the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack.
You are not going to really deal with much math.

The other sections deal with python.

If you are interested in free high quality math courses then I would look into auditing Edx, coursera or MIT opencourseware classes.

If you are auditing the course then it will be free.

Also, on the FCC youtube channel there is a playlist of math courses if you are interested.


Ooh yeah, thanks for the links, but in programming in general, I would come across with these things?
In question of prioritizing, you know? Is it worth the time focusing in math, or is it better to focus on programming in general. Would math be a further subject that I’ll worry just in the future? It’s the question that hurts my mind for many months and I’ve been confused about it all this time!

As someone mentioned earlier, it depends on the type of programming you are interested in.

If you are interested in web development, than you really don’t need to be a math wiz to be a good web developer.

I would first spend more time developing a foundation in programming and cs basics.

Then once you figure out what area of development you are interested in then you will learn how much math is required for that field in software.


And the freeCodeCamp’s program covers that, or it would be something outside of the scope?

I’m sorry if I ask a lot, but I want to kill this doubt at once for all!

I think FCC is great for building a foundation in web development.
And there is a lot of great content on cs fundamentals on their youtube channel.

I would also suggest taking CS50.
It is a challenging course but you will learn alot and it will teach you basic cs fundamentals.


Okay, thanks a lot you guys, you really helped me a lot!!


I’ve taken a few of the MIT open courseware Math and CS courses in the past.

I didn’t know about the FCC YouTube channel with the math courses. Good to know…I’m bookmarking that link.


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