Maths in programming

Hi campers, Since the last few days I have been googling a lot about Maths in Programming and stuff like that. Though I have read mostly that it depends on what we choose as our main subject for e.g. Machine learning requires pretty huge amount of maths but front-end development on the other way doesn’t require as much. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I was brilliant at Maths but sadly I am little bit above average. Yeah, I try to learn and understand as many concepts but still if someone can explain me about it, it would be really helpful. Please share your thoughts, Thank You!!

What else do you need to know? Graphics software developers (eg people who make games and visuals ) need maths, so do people who are in machine learning, or any scientific field. Not so much if you are a front end developer for a non related field. Advanced functions, discrete maths, calculus I & 2, probability and statistics, and game theory are some of the maths courses taken by computer science majors in university. Just look up the degree requirements from any known university for more information.

If you are asking how to get better at maths, just practice more. Maths is one of those subjects that doesn’t care where you are from or how smart you are (unlike say artistic fields which tend to favour people from first world countries from what i can tell). You can be good at maths if you practice practice practice. There are many resources to help prepare you for advanced studies in maths. My favorite is khan academy (google it). Go through all their courses and then you can be ready for university level maths.

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Thank You very much.

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