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Good job! I like the simplicity and cleanliness of the UI. It has intuitive interface as well. :clap::tada:

There is a code formatting tool called Prettier which is de facto industry standard for formatting JavaScript. Get familiar with it and use it in all your projects (especially the ones you’re gonna show your potential employers).

Prettier is nice but it’s definitely not “de facto industry standard”.

It’s nice, very opinionated with minimal ability to customize but can extent eslint formatting options as well.

There are many other options for auto formatting your code. Lots of people don’t like prettier.

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Glad you asked :slight_smile:

Let’s just look at server.js (L means line number):
Double quotes or single quotes (L: all of them)?
Two spaces (L34-L35) or four spaces (L195+) or two tabs (L: most of them, you really hate people on small monitors and laptops :smirk: )
Semicolons yay (most of the code) or nay (e.g. L202, L214).
What’s with indentation on L84-85?
Are there spaces around = (and math operators) or are there not?
Are there spaces after opening/before closing curly braces?

And let’s not discuss your attempts to format JSX.

It really doesn’t matter what you use, just be consistent. Currently your code looks like “copy/paste/stitch-together” from multiple different codebases.

And to people who don’t like prettier I can only say that gray is the perfect color for the bike shed. And no, I’m not getting off my high horse :smirk:

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Sometimes closing bracket is on the same line, sometimes not. Sometimes you split props into separate lines (and with your huuuge tabs it’s unreadable), sometimes you write everything in one looooong line (and because of horizontal scroll it’s unreadable).

Also it’s considered “best practice” to use double quotes in JSX (just like in HTML).

At the end of the day it’s you who’ll be looking for a job. So you decide how you’ll present your code to potential employers.

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