Mess in my head

Hi, dear friends. My name is Dmitriy and I need help with my learning web design and web developement. I think, my problem is common for newcomers, so it worth to discuss it. By the way, sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker/writer.

So, here is my story. I started to learn web design and web developent in April 2018. And since that time I do my classes almost every day. I do exercises here on freeCodeCamp, and I study web developement in one russian online-academy. Since April 2018 I got certifications at HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Right now I’m studiing React JS.

Here is my problem: I feel mess in my head. I know a lot of things, but I cant do something real. I can make a simple web page, make onclick function on button, make simple React component (some counter etc). But I cant make a real web-store for example.

My current work is not in web-development area. I planned to work as freelance web-developer, but I dont feel that my skills good enough to start working. And every day I discover things, that I dont know and that I must know to start working.

May be experienced community members know how to deal with this situation? How to order my knowledge? How to understand, should I start work as freelancer, or may be I must continue learning?

Thanks for your advise and thoughts.

Have you been doing the Free Code Camp projects? The whole point of those is to push us to learn to actually create websites and web applications rather than just do lessons.

Yes, I made HTML/CSS and JS Algos projects. Now Im’m going to make front-end libraries projects. But I dont feel its enough for real world web development.

Those are based on reinforcing and “tying together” what you have learned from FCC so far. You say that you are also studying in other places, so maybe you know more about web programming than many FCC students do when they reach those projects. If that is the case, I encourage you to use those projects as inspiration for bigger and more complex projects that use your full range of skills.

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Thank you. I want to practise.

The confusion of learning several different concepts at once will definitely create a “mess in your head” until you practice putting the concepts together til they all fit. Even if you’re not completely confused, just the low-level “friction” of trying to apply things you’re not 100% familiar with will take its toll and cause you to doubt yourself and be afraid of failure.

I struggle with the confusion myself: I’ve been programming for 20 years, but recently took a several-year break and now I’m as rusty as a junkyard. Still, it’s actually a good thing to be faced with at least a little confusion from learning: if learning is completely effortless, then you’re probably not being challenged enough to learn anything worthwhile.

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Thank you. Is here on freeCodeCamp exist a charity coding? I think I can do something for charity and get some experience.

Here is some helpful tools i have made. -->

Looks at the inspiration link. Their is hundreds of codepens on various projects that can help you a lot. Their is many different ways to make a good looking nav bar, background pattern, etc. Just pick one and go with it.

Learn Flexbox using the link provided. It is built into CSS and allows you to make flexiable HTMLs with ease!

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There are several projects benefiting charities that are using graduates of FreeCodeCamp: you can find them here at Open Source For Good. Being open source, anyone can contribute to these projects, but the more certification projects you complete on FCC, the better.

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Thank you very much, got it!

Thank you very much!