Metric Imperial Converter (QA Cert) issue

Hi there, the program runs perfectly on localhost:3000 and I get all the ticks for the project on fcc project submission page however it doesn’t generate “Successfully completed the project” which certifies that I’ve successfully completed the project.

On the other hand, I tried glitch and 2 tests are failing even though manual testing responds with correct result

Glitch code: Glitch :・゚✧

Please help. Been stuck on this for a while

@kevinSmith please help…

Sorry, I’m at work atm and have to pick the wife up at the airport later tonight - this may take me a bit to figure out, it’s been a while since I did these. I’ll try to take a closer look later, but I may not get to it today. That is assuming that no one else jumps in.

In the meantime, just move onto the next thing.

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Thanks very much for the update

hey @kevinSmith just wanted to update you, the code worked on repl. I’m not sure what was the issue with other local env or glitch

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Hello there,

Glad you got through. Just to inform, this project does not work on Glitch, because it does some special, behind-the-scenes parsing of the URLs.

So, when the tess pass in something invalid like: /input=1//3, Glitch automatically converts this to input=1/3.

Hope this clarifies


So you’d suggest me to do all of the QA projects on repl rather than on local environment or glitch or its specific to this project only? @Sky020

It is specific to this project only. I am unaware of any issues with doing the other projects on Glitch/elsewhere.

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Ok thanks very much for the clarification. Much appreciated…

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