Metric-Imperial Replit Issues


I’ve managed to complete the Metric-Imperial Converter project, however, I noticed that once I added the functional tests, 9 times out of 10 when I run the Repl, the preview window of the index page will load briefly, but it immediately disappears once the tests pass.

boilerplate-project-metricimpconverter - Replit

If I try and start the Repl from scratch by visiting:

Metric/Imperial Converter (

it sometimes loads, but a lot of the time I can’t do anything or use the converter. Sometimes if I leave it for a few minutes, it will start to work, but that doesn’t happen often.

If I delete the functional tests only or remove the NODE_ENV secret so the tests can’t run, everything works fine.

Am I doing anything obviously wrong or is this a Replit issue?

This seems to be the behavior of all the projects with functional tests with the testing environment set to true (or at least the ones I did). While I’ve never tracked down the issue, my assumption is that it’s in the code that handles the functional tests since everything works when the functional tests are not running and the code works otherwise (as does

So it’s not unusual behavior for the projects and I don’t know the cause but I am curious about it, just not enough to track it down yet.

Thank you Jeremy!

Good to know it’s not just me! I guess I’ll have to turn the test suites off, now that I’ve passed FCCs tests.

Unfortunately, I’m now running into issues on Replit doing the Sudoku solver. I figured I’d skip ahead to that one and get it done, as it has been giving me cold sweats for months just thinking about it! :cold_sweat:

I managed to get all but 3 tests to pass.

However, after returning from a break, I can’t access the live preview whatsoever on that particular Repl, and all of FCCs tests are now failing because of that. Strangely enough the editor preview is functioning perfectly, but if I try to visit, it just will not work.

I noticed that the preview refreshes every time I make even the slightest change. Are Replit known to throttle users for making too many requests?

Well it started working again and the Sudoku Solver is finished! :partying_face:

I encountered similar issues to the Metric Imperial Converter once I added the functional tests to this project too. It makes submitting the link to FCC a bit hit and miss, but it works eventually.