Quality Assurance Metric-Imperial Converter Tests Timing Out

Hi there

I’m hoping someone could help me fix a testing issue with my metric-imperial converter. I’ve researched the problem but cannot solve it myself.

It’s on replit at boilerplate-project-metricimpconverter - Replit

The final 5 functional chai tests appear to be crashing the application before freecodecamp has time to get through all its test. In replit’s console. all 21 chai tests pass. And with my functional tests commented out, everything else passes the freecodecamp tests. It’s only when I include the 5 functional tests that the freecodecamp tests time out.

Any help gratefully received.

Here is a post I made a while back… see if this helps:

Might see if putting the below in your functional suite might help:

after(function() {

Thank you so much. I placed this after all the tests in the functional tests suite, and it has solved the problem.

Thanks for giving this your time.

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