Mobile data collection data event issue with JS code

New to the forum as well as scripting with JS is still on on-going battle for me. Running into an issue I have with an app I’ve developed on the Fulcrum Mobile data collection platform that gives the user the ability to script in work flows in the mobile form using a similar language to JS.
Heres the code:
ON(‘change’,‘sites_found’, function (event){
SETVALUE(‘redo_required’, ‘yes’);
SETVALUE(‘inj_complete_date’, null);
SETSTATUS(‘more work required’);
SETVALUE(‘cot_coms’,‘Only ’ + $sites_found +’ injection sites located. Inject additional capsules to meet the required dosage’);
else if(‘sites_found’ >= ‘min_sites’){
SETVALUE(‘redo_required’, ‘no’);
When I test the script on the mobile device, the number in the sites_found field does not trigger the event to fire in what either direction it should based on the value entered into that sites_found field.
Would really appreciate any advice on how to resolve this if someone could assist?
Thank you in advance!