Javascript is not working the same way on mobile

When I turn on the inspector in Chrome things behave correctly. On mobile devices it does not work and when it does, it works incorrectly.

What could be the issue ?

What I am trying to do is append something to the DOM if the user chooses a certain item in the <select>

$(document).on("mousedown", ".select-request", function () {

   // Get the value of the current selected item
    requestOnSite = $(this).val(); 

    //This is the sentence that will be applied to the label. 
    var sentence = "By checking this box, I am confirming that all 3rd party applied products, e.g. alarm contacts, belts for a motorized door, etc. will be removed prior to the service date and time.";

 //If the variable equals this string than we should append the label and checkbox
    if (requestOnSite === "Request On-Site Service") {

      //check if checkbox already exists.
      if ($('.additional-checkbox').length === 1) {


     //Go ahead and append the checkbox. 



What does “mousedown” mean on a mobile device?

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You are correct. Ultimately, changing the event was what fixed the issue. Thank you sir.

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