Motivate me a little more

hello I lack the motivation to continue doing the courses on FCC, I am currently working and between my job and the courses my motivation is taking a hit, I wanted to have some advice to try to get better I hope to have results in the next few weeks thank you in advance.

What motivated you in the first place and what changed?

It’s hard work no matter what and it won’t always be fun. Also, don’t confuse motivation with discipline, it takes discipline to learn. If you wait until you “feel” motivated you won’t take the actions needed to progress (or get much of anything done in general).

Keep your studies short and focused. Code a little every day. Work on small projects to get some wins. And remember, learning is a never-ending process so don’t look for the finish line.

Why are you lacking motivation? Is it perhaps that a job and the rest of life makes it harder, that would make sense. It does take time to learn and there are certain priorities we all have that require time which takes away from time to learn.

This is an excellent question to ask yourself. Don’t like your current job? Don’t make the money you want to ? I get wanting to make more money. I chased a career for the wrong reasons, I’m a lawyer. I quit because, although the money was good I was miserable everyday going to work. I truly enjoy coding / software development and I’m transitioning my career at the moment. I think the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is true. Basically, if you’re losing motivation because you don’t like coding you may want to take that as a sign. But if you like it don’t give up too early.

This is wise advise. If your lack of motivation is you think you don’t know enough or you think you will never know enough to get a job, realize that languages, libraries, etc. are always evolving requiring continued learning. There is no point where you can say “I know everything”. But you don’t need to know everything to get a job, (if anyone disagrees let me know, I’m welcome to feedback ), you just need to demonstrate to an employer you can do the job the employer wants you to do or demonstrate you are able to learn the required skills.

What are the results you want in the next few weeks?

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