Movie Or Tv web app

Hello Everyone,

I would like to get some feedback on my recent project. Feel free to express your ideas.

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I found it very good! I’d like to contribute UI/UX if you need to to improve your project’s user experience

What do you have in mind?

Something like that, I did it fast so I couldn’t leave it as it should beimage

That looks really nice. If you want you can work on the design and I can do the coding, It can be like a collaborative project.

I would like to code too, hehe

I like it a lot. The responsiveness is solid. Maybe adding genre (drama, comedy, action…) description to each movie could help people choose their style…or even add your own rating system/feature for people to rate the movies they watched could be an option. It looks nice!

I was wondering if you had any experience with web hosting services. I would like to build my first website portfolio and was wondering which hosting service is easy to use (like S3, lightsall or godaddy etc.). Where you can do your own html, css and .js

:laughing: :laughing: we can all do both,

How can I get in touch with you?

I think that’s a good idea, I will try implementing it.

When it comes to hosting I use Netlify I found it easy to use.

Through email

Love, Love this .
I have a concern though,
The font

Which Fonts do you think would have been better?

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