Personal Portfolio Feedback request

Hi, everybody, this is my first post here and as the title says is a request for feedback. Any suggestion or comment is well received. Thanks a lot for your time

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Welcome Jawa. :smiley:

What aspect of the portfolio do you want to be review exactly? Design? Content?

It is a nice portfolio. It shows what you can do with the given technology.

Here are my suggestion, you gonna need to do a little translation on the page as I do not really know what it is saying. :sweat_smile:

If you are up for it, you can build your own project and showcasing everything you know. :wink:

Hi, first of all, thanks for the review. I was looking for a general review of both (Desing and content).

Here are my suggestion, you gonna need to do a little translation on the page as I do not really know what it is saying. :sweat_smile:

hahaha Actually, my mother language is Spanish, not English, but, I had been thinking about doing it in several languages. I will try to implement it to see if I succeed.:thinking:

As for the project, it seems like an excellent idea. Do any suggestions?:grimacing:

Don’t know, what would you like to program?

This is what I made. A silly game.

In fact, it is quite fun :joy::joy: I have a couple of ideas in mind. Many many
Thank you

Hola Jose! Im a native spanish speaker too.

I checked the recipes app and it maybe should some things at first, so you can have an idea of “how to search” or what words to type.

I can see you can actually “Do the thing” in React, that’s great; I think all you need is more like… taste for design, but that’s all.

What I have been doing in order to show all my skills, is a Twitter clone; in this case I didn’t wanted to build a new app created by me; just make sure to do something you like.

edit: if you want to do some collaboration im up for it.

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It’s simple! That’s good! I like simple things. Didn’t like the fonts so much, but in a general way it looks really good! Congratulations on the achievement!

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A good idea the truth had not occurred to me. I will implement it when refactoring the code because, in fact, I have some problems with the localStorage

This is my less favorite part of the job :joy: but I’m feeling like I get better with the practice

I can tell you the same. :v:t4:

Hi, thanks for taking the time to see my portfolio. I will review my fonts selections :v:t4: :v:t4: :grimacing:

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Did you know the game is not working in firefox?

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I will keep a note of that. :smiley: