Please review my personal portfolio!

Hello campers, I came to ask a very small favor from you all but that means a lot to me. I’m finally finishing my very first portfolio and I would like to get some feedback. Here’s the link to my page:

I’m still missing the logo and I also have to finish some others small details and adding projects to it (which I will build asap), but I think the webpage is ready to be reviewed. Please be completely honest about what you think, don’t hesitate to say anything that may be considered harmful, I’m here for honest opinions because my ultimate goal is to get a job with the help of my site.

Again, any comment will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


I think it looks very professional and everything seems working great. Not sure about resources section usefulness in a portfolio , but well it is useful for other learners, like me:) Nice job.

It looks pretty great. It is even responsive!

Thank you guys, your feedback really means a lot!

ugh I was expecting to get more feeback :frowning:

This looks very nice and professional. I think it’s slightly strange for you to say that you’re Dominican Republican, especially right next to a picture of your face which makes it pretty obvious that you’re Dominican Republican, but other than that I love this. It feels so modern and simplistic and I’m a huge fan.

Dude, this portfolio is awsome. Super clean looking and very professional look. Really not too much to suggest, but the page is really long. It’s a bit hard to navigate when dragging down. I am on a pretty big monitor, but I would imagine on a phone it is even longer, so I would either shorten it, or fix the header so it is easier to jump between sections. I love the resources section… mind if I take some creative liberty and use the idea???

I think he means that he lives in the Dominican Republic. At least that is how it reads. I made some suggestions below, but you should a dash, like Dominican Republic-based, or just say, “I am based in the Dominican Republic”, or “Based in the Dominican Republic, I am a front-end web developer… etc.”

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I think it looks clean and very well presented. I would agree with @jdegaris that it feels slighty tough to navigate (page feels a little long). I would suggest possibly taking the nav bar at the top and making it fixed so that it stays on screen when scrolling.

Well done! You’re hired!

Okay so I looked at it again because you know procrastinating cause I don’t wanna do more coding lessons, and I noted that the I in “I’m a front end web developer” is almost parrelel to the computer screen in the background image. I think this makes it hard to read (like obviously i’m not blind I can read it) but it takes me a second. It’s superrr picky but if the source image is larger than that I would shift it over by just a little bit so they’re not touching. Again this is so ridiculous and picky and it’s probably just acreditted to how weird I am but I think it would look nicer that way.
Also again super picky but when zoom in and out (at least on Safari) certain elements get bigger/smaller and some of them stay the same, causing overlap and ugly positioning. Most people are at normal zoom level but just a thought.

imo i’d say remove the resource section and go get hired, one of the top designed one since i started a few weeks ago.

nice features -
controlled scroll speed.
icons on contact forum.
use of relative font sizing.
the color choice of your on focus box matches with the colour theme
good amount of white space
multiple breakpoints for responsiveness
the nav on hover is speed controlled animated too right?


I’m Dominican too :P.

Super slick, navigation is too long maybe remove the resources if you really want to talk about the tools you use you can add a paragraph somewhere explaining your workflow. You should stick the hero image to the viewport height so people don’t have to scroll to look your name. The CTA for “see my work” is really good.

Design wise there is too much red, maybe you should use only the red for more impactful statements like your name, the CTA and the send me message button. can help you with that.

I think it will look better if you put the who I am paragraph above the code/design/responsive.

+1 for using BEM but really don’t know why the use of jquery.

I notice your portolio is under Portfolio in your profile. It’s better if you keep it as and not, anyways github provide you with free static pages for projects.

PageSpeed test:

Thank you guys for all the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Btw, I notice that some of you find the webpage a bit long and suggested a sticky navbar and I value your opinions. That being said, I did a little bit of research regarding this topic because I wasn’t sure whether to use a sticky navbar or not. The conclusion is that there are pros and cons but ultimately I feel that my webpage is not long enough to require a fixed navbar and also I don’t think the users would be using it quite a lot, I mean this is not an e-commerce website. On phones there’s not too much room for it either.

@jdegaris yeah man you can use anything you see on my portfolio for your own projects, I’ve used ideas from other projects too ; )

Hey, glad too see another Dominican around here : ), a few questions though.

I’m not sure what you meant with this: “You should stick the hero image to the viewport height so people don’t have to scroll to look your name.” People don’t have to scroll too see my name on the hero section, but maybe I’m not following you here, care to explain?

And again, I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say my Portfolio is under my profile? Sorry I’m fairly new with all this so I’m still learning how to use all these tools xD

And I might remove the Jquery.

The design looks good. I recommend tightening the “Who Am I.”

Hero Image: Well, I do have to scroll maybe the resolution of the display is the difference mine is 1920x1080

This is the code that is breaking the responsive hero you’re are setting the hero class height twice the viewport if the viewport width is more than 1800px which is my case.

@media only screen and (min-width: 112.5em)
.hero {
    height: 200vh;

Portfolio/Profile: As you may know GitHub lets you host static pages, there are two types of static pages the project ones and the account one. Each project on GitHub can have a static page serve in [name of the user][name of the project] and the account one is served in [name of user]

You have a project one, but because your portfolio is the main thing I think it should be on your account one and with that, you could benefit of the GitHub student pack domain name .me for free (1 year).


.me free domain name:
github account page:
project account page:

Github Account page
Github student pack

It’s nice and clean. I like it.
One thing I noticed was that your linkedIn icon at the bottom links to your facebook page. Otherwise…nice!

Your site looks pretty good, but here are some things I would work on.

With the start of the page when your site is visited, there is no indication of the “Fold”. Take out some of the space above the computer and then center your text vertically and horizontally. That should let the Fold be seen.

In you About me section, capitalize the M in me. Responsive doesn’t go with Code and Design. Code and Design are areas of work where Responsive is a style. Replace it with something else like UI/UX.

In your Portfolio section you should just use pics. Then add a hover effect that tells the name of the project and how you accomplished it. Also, the gold color that you used does not work at all with your color scheme. Use a different color. White, Pink, and Gold would work for a fashion site, but not this.

Your Resources section is irrelevant. You are going to use so many others that you could never put them all there. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as the project is done, which will be shown in the Portfolio section. It just looks like you are trying to use up space.

Hope that helps.

I’m interested to know why you are using a stock photo as your headshot picture on it… haha.